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    I graduated in 2019 from Greenville University with a Digital Media major and an Art minorĀ 

    I am very motivated and passionate and I am always up for learning new things and figuring out what it is that I love doing. I am still figuring out exactly what my niche is, but the thing I enjoy the most is graphic design. I love making small illustrations and just messing around in Illustrator in my free time. I enjoy hiking, playing with my dog, and hanging out with my friends.

    The kind of job I am looking for is a design position and since that is such a competitive field, I would like to gather as much experience and knowledge as possible. I am always willing and ready to learn new things and I am a very dedicated person.

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      Address: 10181 W. Exposition Dr.

      Lakewood, CO 80226

      Mobile: 303-882-9109